About this page and me

About this page and me

This is my blog where I post things I find interesting and worth sharing. I’m known for few things around my friend circles such as, Startups, all things IT and Analytics, not just the stats.

Although I am no longer part of the teams. My first start up was in the Food and Beverages industry and the it was called Toast to Love based in Malaysia, it is still operating to this date. My second startup was Howling Owls Studios, a high impact branding company that helps startups and companies re-brand and establish themselves in new markets.

This site runs on opensource technologies

This blog runs on Ruby on Rails with Jekyll. Its a static site generator. The site is managed using Git and Sourcetree. For writing the posts I use Atom Editor or VS Code, with Markdown Support. If you’re not from an IT background you might think its hard, but its not that Hard to learn all this I suggest that you give it a try, you’ll learn a lot.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the below developers for providing the open source code for the Jekyll theme that I am using on this site, it greatly reduced my time from idea to implementation. So kudos to you all

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