Read Something insightful, all on a single app

Feedly Screenshot Screenshot of Feedly

  • Are you tired of the same ClickBait on Social Media?
  • Are you looking for more in-depth stuff to read?
  • There are tons of websites that you come across that you happen to like and need it all in one place?

Try Feedly. This is an RSS Feed reader on the web. This is not the only one, but this is the one I use often. This isn’t a paid endorsement. I thought of sharing an app that I use often.

RSS Feed is simply a metadata portal to allow others to access data from a blog or a site. You probably have seen the RSS icon on various websites before and wondered what it did.


Back in the day, there were RSS readers on the desktop (they still exist) where you can paste the RSS link to the Application and everytime you open it, it will pull all the unread articles from the added sites. That way you can stay up-to-date on what your favourite bloggers and sites have been doing. Feedly does the same but on the cloud, so no installation required.

This is really useful because you don’t need to visit the websites individually to read the articles. All the contents are pulled to a single interface. Once you’re done reading it will mark them as read and put it away. Kinda like an Email App but for NEWS, blogs and just about anything else.

Feedly is just as same as any other RSS reader, but with added features

  1. It’s on the cloud, there’s nothing to install
  2. You don’t need to find the RSS Link, just paste the weblink and it’ll add to the list
  3. It also has a directory where you can search for sites
  4. It understands video and audio
  5. Its mostly free (never needed the pro package for me)

Where to get started?

This is a list of sites I personally like, Some casual blogs from my friends and some professional blogs from news sites.

  1. Trinity’s Art Review A blog maintained by my Friends Norman Harsono, Youvadee Pareatumbee and Dwij Rogbeer. If you’re into non mainstream art this is the place to go. Not that MTV crap (are they dead yet?).

  2. My Two cents of opinion Blog maintained by Dwij Rogbeer. He writes mostly on current affairs and economics. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss and debate his points on economics in person many times. He’s person who is well informed of the current affairs. If you never met the guy or never had a chat of this nature, this your chance! So get to know him and his views through his own blog.

  3. Youvadee Pareatumbee Great friend, a foodie and overall great housemate. When she’s not shisha and chilling she’s out there kicking corporate a**. Get to know her through her own blog, you’ll have an interesting take on life from a Marutian girl living in KL.

  4. Revisionist History My all time favourite author of non-fiction, Malcom Gladwell is the maintainer of this blog. Its mostly a podcast but you won’t have trouble listening to it on Feedly. He wrote Outliers, Blink and What the Dog Saw.

  5. Little Atoms A blog filled with long reads, mostly science related. A summary wouldn’t do much justice.

  6. Xconomy Economic news, at times they offer crossover insights between industries. Like fiat and crypto markets or Bio Tech for example. Which I found interesting. Because most sites are either Pro-Fiat and Anti-Crypto or vice versa. Both markets exsist and they exchange between eachother. Its always worth analysing both.

  7. NPR Hidden Brain All about human behaviour and well, the Brain.

  8. Great Moments in Science History and Science, probably the best anime combo.

  9. You are Not So Smart As the title implies, they really like to challenge you.

  10. The Paris Review A very well designed site with lot of long reads. If you enjoy reading, then you’ll enjoy this.

  11. Guardian Audio Long Reads Not the most unbiased. But offers great narratives for many topics. Crystal clear audio gets plus points.

  12. Intelligence Squared They host variety of things, just recently they hosted the Brexit Debate on BBC News. They have many contents that are fairly balanced.

  13. Freakonomics The Podcast by the writers of Freakonomics. A great insight to economics behind the things we rarely explore. Read the book or listen to the Podcst, both are great.

  14. CIOL A technology website, I used to read Verge a lot. They became less and less techy and more of a news paper just pandering to brands. Their nickname is iVerge, that should explain things. This site has a lot of things IT from different topics.

There are lots of other sites I enjoy, but these are probably the best. Hope you’d enjoy using Feedly as I did.