Cloudflare Optimization is Insane

Photo by Zakaria Zayane on Unsplash

Short Story

The title might be hyperbolic, but hear me out. I’ve made my site using open-source stuff as much as possible and made it in such a way that its pre-compiled so that its not going to consume lot of resources for the end user. Just when I thought the system cannot be sped up even more I was proven wrong. I was doing my usual maintenance on the site and I thought of using cloudflare for DDOS protection. Since it was free for blogs I had no issue trying it out. I didn’t expect things to get super optimized. Boi I was wrong. The service also offers code minifying. Meaning the same HTML, JS, CSS code that runs behind the scene could be more optimized on the fly. Initially I didn’t want to minify the code since it would become a hassle for me to make changes. But with this I can just forget all about it and let cloudflare do its thing. If you’ve been a past reader of this blog, you should be able to see that the page is lot more lighter and faster.

If you’re running a blog, website or webapp you should consider cloudflare. This is not a paid sponsorship. They do a really good job at what they do and its all well documented.

Future Plans

I am planning on integrating a comment system to the current blogging system I have, this is not hosted on popular sites. Your suggestions are welcome.

If you like to support me

I don’t blog for a living, this site isn’t monetized, I don’t sell your data to corporations every time you visit this site. Only analytic I use is a view counter from google, its the only one worked with my custom site. If you wish to contribute to my writing you can do directly through Brave Browser. It has a built in easy to use crypto currency mechanism that you can use to make contributions anonymously. As I’d like to remain independent and to keep my writing unbiased I don’t accept paypal.

Regardless you should switch to more privacy centric browser even if you don’t have anything to hide.